Slice of Cheese Heaven in Montréal, Canada

I love cheese. I love bread. The idea of the two together is enough to make my mouth water. This afternoon, I finally made the trek down to La Foumagerie, a quaint and cute delicatessen in Westmount. 

There aren’t very many tables or seats at this establishment, but don’t worry if you don’t get a table. Get your meal to go and enjoy it at the park nearby (weather permitting, of course). 

The menu is small, but perfect for a light and delicious lunch. 

After I ordered my sandwich, I took a seat. And then I saw a little something which made me really happy. 

CHEESE. Lots and lots of it. 

And olive oil. 

Although frankly, I was more excited about the cheese.

Within five minutes, my Carpaccio and Parmesan baguette arrived. It’s the best sandwich I’ve had in Montreal.

Enough said. 

I’ll be back.

And next time, I’ll bring my partner in crime with me. 

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