Best tuna sandwich in Montréal, Canada

When I first walked into Exception 2 Mk, all the staff saw me. But no one greeted me, and no one quite cared I was there. Fair enough. The cafe was busy, busy, busy. 

I ended up going to the counter and ordering my food. Pretty bad for a full service cafe. After ordering, I took a seat at one of them bar tables. There were dirty dishes on my right and left. And that’s where they would stay for the full half an hour I would spend here.

I must say, I wasn’t impressed by the lacklustre service or the fact that no one really seemed interested in my business. But such is life.

After a ten minute wait, my baguette arrived. Spicy tuna salad with tomatoes, lettuce on a multigrain baguette.

I’m really really hard to please when it comes to tuna, and this is one of the best tuna sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. 

It was so good that a week later, I still remember the flavours in my mouth. 

I’ll be back.

Hopefully next time I’ll bother to leave a tip. 

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