Opening Review of Beauty and the Beef in downtown Montréal

I finally got to meet downtown Montréal’s new kid on the block. I’ve been walking past this restaurant for weeks and waiting oh so patiently for the day that its doors open for business. I’ve been a meat lover for as long as I can remember, and there’s something about the name of this restaurant that conjures up a delicious happy image of juicy meat in my belly. 

This evening, I finally had a meal at La Belle et La Boeuf

This establishment is still working out some of the kinks in terms of its liquor license, so there’s no drinking if you sit outside. But no big deal, I was here for the food anyway. Oh, and if you’re dining with kids, you have to leave by 8pm. I don’t have kids so… 

The gentleman who served us was friendly, warm, and kind of funny; but admittedly it was a bit hard to get his attention to take our order. We waited around 20 minutes. 

But once he took our order, the food arrived promptly. For starters, my partner in crime and I shared the queso cheese sticks which came with a side of jalepeño sauce. 


It is a crime for something to be so delicious, so satisfying and so good. I think these are probably the best cheese sticks I’ve ever had in my life. I was hungry when I arrived here and I was even hungrier after this appetiser. 

For mains I ordered the mushroom burger which came with swiss cheese, shallot sautéed with Parisian mushrooms, caramelised onions and wine sauce.

And then it arrived. An eight ounce patty accompanied with a towering happy mess of madness.

Just look at that. 


It probably goes without saying but you better show up starving cause the portions at this restaurant are HUGE. I thoroughly enjoyed my burger, but I was kind of sad that I couldn’t finish it. 

My partner in crime ordered the Captain Flam on the waiters suggestion. It came with: monterey jack cheese, smoked bacon, caramelised onions and spicy mayo. 


It was really tasty - the spicy pink mayo sauce is real good. My partner in crime also switched his regular fries for sweet potato fries (a dollar extra, I think). I’m not a big fan of bacon, so I preferred my mushroom burger, but my partner in crime said his burger was AMAZING.

He didn’t manage to finish his meal either. 

Nevertheless, we were peckish and ready for a sweet finish twenty minutes later. But I just couldn’t find our waiter. By the time he finally came around to ask us for dessert, it was too late, and we had to leave to go meet someone. 

All in all, it was a great experience. La Belle et la Boeuf is still working out some of its opening operational kinks, but other than that… It was all good. 

The food itself was amazing.

I’ll definitely be back. 

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