Refined Burgers at Burger Bar Crescent in Montréal

Whenever I think of a burger, there’s always one thing that comes to my mind. 


As much as I love burgers, I don’t love grease. I don’t like that heavy, guilty, gross feeling that comes after consuming a burger with far too much fat, cheese and oil.

Enter Burger Bar Crescent

First impression: sticky table with crumbs. C’mon guys, you can do better.

After my initial irritation, I noticed that the restaurant has a lively and chilled out ambience. Perfect place to hang out with friends. 

I wanted to order the Firestorm burger, described in the menu as ‘AAA beef patty, spicy 911 sauce, banana peppers, spicy mayonnaise, tomato, jalapeno Havarti cheese, jalapeno relish’. 

The waitress who took my order talked me out of it by saying it’s ‘very spicy’ over and over again. She was also kind of impatient and rushed me into making a decision. She didn’t ask how we’d like our burgers (rare, medium etc). Maybe it’s restaurant policy not to, or maybe it was just her.

Who knows?

I ended up ordering the Mr Personality with Cheese: AAA beef patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion.

A minute after ordering it, a table next to me ordered the Firestorm, and boy did it smell good. I wound up with a horrible case of food envy. I tried to change my order, but the impatient waitress wouldn’t let me. 

Such is life. 

My partner in crime ordered the Bacon Royale with Cheese

The burgers were delicious. Not the best I’ve ever had, but they were good. 

Not greasy, not gross, and made with good quality ingredients. Good portions, but not particularly big. 

We also ordered a small side of sweet potato fries, which were GREAT.

Thankfully, we got another waitress at this point, and she was really friendly and fun. 

Good food. I’d be back here. But hopefully I don’t have to deal with the impatient lady again. 

And can I please get the Firestorm next time?

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