Diner Dinner at Nickels in Montreal, Canada

One of the special things about Nickels is that it is the first restaurant I ever ate at in Montreal.

I didn’t know this before - but apparently, the chain of restaurants is Celine Dion’s original creation. No wonder there were pictures of her at the entrance door. 

Her heart will indeed go on. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing quite original about Nickels. The restaurant has a ’50s diner feel with booth seating, a jukebox (not sure if it works) and overtly large portions. 

Having said that - the food is good, the service is friendly, and if you want a quick no-fuss diner-style experience, this is the place to have it.

It’s just not that special. 

My favourite dish to date is the Meg’s Dream. Try it out when you have a minute - it won’t disappoint you. 

According to the waitress who served me, it’s named after Meg Ryan’s role in a movie whose name I no longer remember.

Anyways - enjoy!



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