Slice of geek heaven at Foonzo in Montreal, Canada

Foonzo doesn’t look like much from outside. It’s barely even visible, and easy to miss or walk past. But after you’re done making your way down the narrow set of stairs, you’re in for a surprise. Or at least I was. 

According to their website, Foonzo is the first and only gaming bar in the city and caters to anyone who grew up with video games and who either loves playing competitively or not. I’m not really someone who plays games, but even I was in awe at the novelty of it all. 

It was quite the sight to behold. Video games - and groups of people huddled on red sofas playing them. There’s also boardgames and a couple of arcade style cabinets as well. The vibe at Foonzo is a cross between cafe, arcade and bar. 

I played Street Fighter for the first time in AGES, and boy was I amazed at how much the game has changed. I also saw others playing old classics like Pac-man, Super Mario and Jenga. 

I felt like I was experiencing an adult-ish grown-up version of a childhood pastime. I can’t say I’ve been to any place like it. 

There’s also food and drinks - the purchase of which gets you the consoles. I only had the fries - which were good, so I can’t comment on the rest of the menu. 

The drinks were…well, they were drinks. 

Gamer, non-gamer, competitive or casual - I think anyone could have fun here - as long as they enter with the mindset to play. 

Let the games begin. 



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