Antica Pizzeria - a place with ‘real’ food in downtown Niagara Falls, ON

I must say, I was not at all impressed by the cuisine offered by most of the restaurants in downtown Niagara Falls. I didn’t want fast food or junk food. I wanted REAL food. Fresh food. Not burgers and fries. My tolerance for that stuff is once a week and I’d already had my fill of that at Canada’s Wonderland.¬†

So after walking around for some twenty minutes or so, my fellow diner and I finally found Antica Pizzeria & Ristorante. I heaved a sigh of relief. 

The restaurant has a family friendly vibe and a wood fired oven. Not that the two are related - but the ambience is relaxed and I was incredibly excited about the possibility of a great pizza. They’ve got whole wheat pizza bases here - something I was curious to try.

For the appetiser, we had caprese, which was made with fresh jumbo bocconcini with sliced tomato, basil, lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil.


The portion was a lot bigger than what I’d expected. But it was good, delicious, fresh and light. YUM.

For the main, we shared the pizza prosciutto & arugula with a whole wheat pizza base.


The crust was thin and the whole wheat pizza base was an interesting touch. Yummy!

All in all, my expectations were met, and I was happy with my meal here. If you’re looking for real food in downtown Niagara, I highly recommend this restaurant.


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