Kafein Cafe-Bar in Montreal, Canada

Kafein Cafe-Bar is a cute and charming Cafe/Bar on Bishop Street. I went there for a light lunch on Saturday afternoon and the cafe was pretty empty for some strange reason.

The restaurant consists of two stories. Downstairs looks like a bar; and upstairs looks like a Cafe. I believe that’s why they call themselves Kafein Cafe-Bar.


We ordered our sandwiches at the counter. There’re also smoothies, coffees and salads, but I wasn’t really in the mood for those. The gentleman behind the counter was friendly, patient and explained his favourite items on the menu. 

I wanted the duck confit focaccia; but they were out of that so I settled on the halloumi instead. My fellow diner had the chicken focaccia.


That’s the halloumi focaccia


And that’s the chicken focaccia

Both sandwiches came with a small side of chips and coleslaw. Both sandwiches were good; but I preferred the halloumi. 

Perfect for a nice light lunch. I’ll be back. 

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