Oyster Shack in Montreal, Canada

I was expecting a relaxed, chilled out and no-frills ambience. The restaurant is called Oyster Shack. According to the Oxford American dictionary, a shack is ‘a roughly built hut or cabin’. 

I was taken by surprise when I finally walked into the restaurant. Freshly laundered white tablecloths, a napkin for your lap, an assortment of silverware. 

I really was expecting something a little simpler. So I was caught off guard when I finally saw the menu (and the prices). 

Anyways, that’s my fault. I should have checked out some reviews and asked to see the menu before sitting down.

The mains are around $14-$25-ish or more depending on what you order. I decided on the coconut prawns. The lady who served me was really nice and friendly - in a motherly kind of way.



The prawns were really good. The batter was delicious, crisp and light. For the first time in a long time, I actually finished my fries. 

For a meal that was entirely deep-fried, I was surprised that I didn’t feel sick/full/stuffed afterwards.

The portion isn’t all that big, but it’s decent.

I liked this place. It’s also pretty good value for money since the ingredients seem to be of a good quantity.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend it for solo-diners. I’d consider coming back here someday for a romantic dinner date or with some friends for a fun evening out.

Till then. 

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1242 Bishop St. Montreal QC H3G1S6