Bier Markt in Montreal, Canada

First and foremost, I’d like to preface this by saying I’m not sure what to make of Bier Markt's mascot. I could be completely wrong, but it looks like their mascot is a naked kid (or cupid?) peeing. 

As cute and childish as that idea is, I’m not sure if I care much for the idea of children drinking (and then peeing) (and then having to clean the diaper).

But that’s just me.

So, like most days, I had a craving today. For beer & cold cuts. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that it’s finally warm in Montreal and I’d like to celebrate. 

I entered the restaurant around 4.30pm on a Saturday afternoon. The hostess asked me to sit at the bar. I didn’t want to. It was a half empty restaurant and the hostess still looked at me like it was a nuisance request.

Yeah. I get it. I was dining alone. But still…

Anyways, I got my table.

The gentleman who served me recommended a Goose Island. Since they have over 50 beers, I accepted his recommendation without bothering to flick through the extensive menu.

I really don’t know all that much about beer. I only know two things - it’s good or it’s bad. 


This beer was OKAY. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad either. 

And then I ordered a trio of cold cuts to accompany my meal. Again - it wasn’t bad - but it wasn’t great either. It was so-so.



But I decided to make the most of it. So I enjoyed the cold cuts and beer while I stared out at the window.

It was nice to see the sun again. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think Spring’s finally here.


To finish, I had a cider. 


Between the two drinks, cold cuts, taxes & tip, the bill came up to $42. The waiter who served me was also slightly abrupt with me towards the end and didn’t even bother to say thank you after I signed the bill.

How off putting. 

Did I have a good evening? 


Did I think it was worth it?


Would I come back here?

Only if I had a secret stash of ten billion dollars tucked away under my pillow.

Do I have a secret stash of ten billion dollars tucked away under my pillow?

I wish. 

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P.S. Why does an establishment that serves alcohol have a baby (or cupid?) as their mascot?