Yuan Vegetarian in the Latin Quarter in Montreal, Canada

At $12.99 (14.85-ish including tax) for an all you can eat a la carte buffet lunch, Yuan Vegetarian must not be missed. If you’re vegetarian, you’re in for a treat. If you’re a meat-lover, you might appreciate the novelty.

I had lunch with a friend of mine who was bemused by the fact that a lot of the soy-based ‘meat’ is actually faux. It tastes nothing like chicken, or lamb or beef, but the food at Yuan vegetarian kind of presents itself as an alternative to common Chinese meat dishes. 

It’s a strange idea for some, but having grown up in Southeast Asia, I am all too familiar with the concept. Restaurants like Yuan Vegetarian are commonplace in some parts of the continent.

To start I had a small portion of the wanton soup. Fresh, simple and satisfying.

This was followed by the vegetable tempura and the spring rolls. The vegetable tempura consisted of eggplant and sweet potato. I didn’t like it, but my fellow diner did. 

The spring rolls on the other hand were really crunchy and yummy.

And then I had the raviolis with peanut sauce. It’s salty-sweet and one of the more unique vegetarian dishes I’ve had. Highly recommend. 

Pictured above is the General Tao eggplant. This dish was really impressive and delicious. Be careful how much you eat cause it’s deep fried so it’ll fill you up quickly.

Vegetarian crispy fried noodles - it’s one of my favourite dishes from childhood, so I really loved it, but my friend wasn’t too fond of it.

To each his own, I guess.

And here is the steak with curry sauce. It was OK - not the best dish, but it’s interesting for the novelty factor. 

By this point I was really full so it was time to go.

A good feed - I’ll definitely be back for more someday. 

Although admittedly, I’m so full that I need a siesta. 

Till then. 

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