Gado Gado in Montreal, Canada

The food at this restaurant is exquisite. There’s no doubt about that. But unfortunately, it just isn’t authentic.

I was real excited to discover that there is an Indonesian restaurant in Montreal. Having grown up in Southeast Asia, I’ve had a lot of Indonesian food (in large quantities).

While waiting for the food to arrive, the ambience brought back good memories. The gentleman who served us was friendly and picked up on the fact that I was from Southeast Asia.

For starters I had the Gado Gado. I had to. I can’t go to a restaurant and not have the dish it’s named after. For those of you who haven’t had it before, it’s eggs, vegetables, rice cakes, potatoes and a variety of tofus all tossed together in peanut satay sauce. 

The gado gado was delicately flavoured, delicious, nutritious and full of flavour. It just didn’t taste like it would ‘back home’. If you’re health conscious though, you’ll be happy to know that the food here is not greasy and tastes fresh. 

For the main course, I had rendang: a meat dish stewed in coconut milk with a whole variety of herbs and spices. It came with some vegetables and a small serve of sambal. 

It was real good. Slid off the bone effortlessly. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. My only bone to pick (other than licking it clean) was that it tasted of too little. The restaurant might just want to consider making their portions a teeny bit bigger. The sambal was great - spicy enough to make you sweat, so make sure that you steer clear if you’re scared of chillies. 

All in all, it was a good meal with good food. It just wasn’t the real deal. The food appears to be heavily catered towards the so-called ‘Western palate’. 

Fair enough, given the restaurant’s location and clientele.

Now that I know what to expect, I would go here again. Just next time I won’t expect it to be like ‘back home’. 

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