Arepera du plateau in Montreal, Canada

The moment I walked into this restaurant, I was sure that I was in Venezuela (not that I’ve ever been there, but you get my drift). The atmosphere at Arepera du Plateau is colourful and lively. There was even music playing in the background.

For starters we had the yuca chips with avocado sauce, which was light and fun. The avocado sauce (guasacaca) was out of this world.

Then it was time for an arepa. There’s a huge variety of fillings to choose from - beef, pork, chicken, fish, vegetarian & vegan. 

Pictured above is an arepa. It looks like a sandwich or a burger, but it really isn’t. The bread’s made of corn, and it’s got a slightly crumbly texture that’s really different to wheat. 


My fellow diner’s a bit of a carnivore so he had a made to order special of both chicken and smoked meat that the waitress recommended. I ordered the Guasacaca which filled with avocados, onions, tomatoes, lemon and coriander. 

It was filling but not greasy. 

And then it was time for dessert.

Pictured above is a plantain cake with a dollop of cheese on top of it. It looks small, but don’t be fooled; it’s pretty heavy and filling. It kind of reminded me of banana pudding. My fellow diner loved it, and it was good, no doubt, just not quite my cup of tea.

But I loved this little cake above. Coconut cream cheese cake or quesillo. Delicious, delicious, delicious. I was so blown by the exquisiteness of this cake that I was stunned into silence till my plate was empty.


All in all, I loved this restaurant. Great ambience, delicious food at a reasonable price. 

So much so that I was really sad to leave the little Venezuela and head back outside into howling wind and snow.

Ah well, all in a Montreal day. 

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