Restaurant Om in Montreal, Canada

Still peckish after dinner, I decided that it would do me some good to have a small snack after. Why, I’m not quite sure.

I wound up at Restaurant Om in Plateau Mont-Royal. It was my first time having Tibetan food. I’d heard good things about the momos at this particular restaurant and was curious to try it out. 

The momos come in portions of 8 or 12 and they let you mix and match so I ordered two of each filling.

Pictured above in pairs, from right to left is vegetable & shrimp, meat, cheese & vegetables. 

They were all good, but my favourites were the meat and cheese (two separate fillings). 

This restaurant’s got both Indian and Tibetan fare on the menu so I think I might head back next time to try out a few more dishes.

But for now, it’s time for bed. Goodnight. 

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