Rotisserie Romados in Montreal, Canada

I’ve heard people speak wonders of this restaurant. And when I say wonders, I mean the seven wonders variety. 

I’ve been to Rotisserie Romados once before around 8.30pm, only to be told that they had no chicken left. It was a little hard to digest, especially since I’d walked some half an hour in the cold to get there.

So if you decide to go to this restaurant, make sure you head there a little early. I arrived around 545pm this evening and there was already a long line. But it moves quickly and cleared in 10-15 minutes. It’s not really a place where you can sit down and eat, but there were a few tables lying around here and there. 

I ordered the quarter chicken with fries & salad (under $10). 


And there it was in front of me, in full human glory.

Succulent juicy chicken that didn’t taste greasy at all. The spice mix on it was great, but it’s that bulk charcoal grilling that makes this meal delicious, delicious, delicious.

Delícia, delícia, assim você me mata. (Guess which song those lyrics are from?)

The fries were really good too. The salad was well…. it was salad.

I’d return here for another round, but unfortunately, I’m moving tomorrow.

If you love chicken, you must go here. And if you like, not love chicken, perhaps this restaurant will assist you in falling in love.


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