Solymar Restaurant in Montreal, Canada

I consider myself a foodie. I also consider myself someone who is capable of eating large quantities of food. But still, the portions here are too humungous for me. Best you go as a group so you can try a bigger variety of dishes.

Solymar Restaurant - or sol y mar - translates to sun and sea; and is a Peruvian restaurant in Montreal that’s renounced for its seafood (or at least that’s what I heard in the grapevine from Peruvians living in the city). 

For starers, I had the ceviche mixto which was made of fish, calamari, octopus and prawns that was cured in lemon and lime juices and spiced with chilli peppers. It was accompanied with raw red onions, sweet potato, yuca and corn.

The ceviche was the highlight of my visit to this restaurant, so I highly recommend that you try it. There are plenty of other varieties of ceviche too - just fish, fish and prawn etc etc.

For the main course I had arroz con mariscos (translation: rice with seafood). A kind of flavoured and spiced up yellow rice with…well, you guessed it, seafood. It reminded me of a dry-ish paella or a seafood biriyani type thing. A nice dish, but not my favourite.

For dessert, I had picarones which is kind of like a skinny doughnut made of squash and sweet potatoes drenched in a very sweet syrup. It was delicious, but by this stage I was too full to truly enjoy it.

The restaurant isn’t cheap, but it’s good value for money. 

So have some Pisco sour, kick back and enjoy as the band (live music available on some nights) serenades you and truly gets you feeling like you’re (back) in Peru.

Now I need to go sleep off my food hangover. Goodnight. 

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