A Greek Feast by Demitri

The haunt: Demitri’s Feast in Melbourne

Location of the haunting: 141 Swan Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Right on Swan Street, but kind of tucked away, you could easily walk past this place if you’re not paying attention. But I was paying attention, so I walked right in instead. It’s a cozy little cafe with a courtyard out the back. I made myself home there for a couple of hours.

After asking the friendly wait staff for a recommendation, I finally decided on the semolina pancakes with sweet yoghurt, rose jam, pistachios and orange blossom syrup

I know I’ve had pancakes a million times over, but the flavours on this one were really something unique. It was like having a massive baklava that was cleverly disguised as a pancake. 

The semolina base gave it an interesting texture and the orange blossom syrup was just delicious. Don’t get me wrong, orange blossom syrup couldn’t possibly ever replace the more traditional maple syrup, but I’m a big fan of old concepts with a new twist.

Come to think of it, it’s not really new. Just new to me.

The pancakes were pretty filling and kind of heavy, so make sure you show up with an empty stomach. 

I definitely recommend this haunt and these pancakes for anyone who has a sweet tooth. 

I sure do. 

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