Colonel Tan’s on Chapel

I must have loved Melbourne once. I must have.

The haunt: Colonel Tan’s

Location of the haunting: Revolver Upstairs, 229 Chapel Street, Prahran

We had the yellow fish curry with green papaya and shredded omelette. It tasted like a fair few interesting flavours all put together to tickle my taste buds. If you’re keen on trying something different, you should definitely give this dish a shot. I’m not sure that I’d order this again, but I enjoyed the first time while it lasted. 

The second dish we had was the Penang lamb curry. This one was the winner in my books. The lamb was slow stewed and full of too many lovely flavours. There’s nothing like slow cooked red meat… There really isn’t.

But, really, one thing I just couldn’t get over was that chick that was on top of all the menus. She’s a little creepy, and oddly familiar for some strange reason. 

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